i found this series of stock images that are supposed to be of bullying but they just look really gay to me

Me and my mom tried watching the Fargo pilot last night and we got to the part w/ the hammer and we were like NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE it was too stressful and we actually had to turn it off


Claude Monet Poppies, 1890


Claude Monet Poppies, 1890

there’s a lighthouse i really wanna visit but its an hour and a half up the coast from me and i’d definitely need a friend for that trip


yes, the sun is a star like all the other stars in the sky, but the sun is special because it’s the only star with a face

if i found a genie my 3 wishes would be 

make me look more like nina dobrev and less like me

help me meet adam young

give me 30 million dollars

easter and 420 coincide this year??? im not religious and i dont smoke weed and i still feel guilty

vivid nightmares are the worst, mine are usually either about being surrounded by tornadoes or people trying to kill me who slightly resemble kurt cobain

which sounds funny but no joke there was a period of several weeks where i had a string of nightmares about being chased by killers who all resembled kurt cobain but they weren’t actually him

and then one where kurt cobain joined the chickens in a chicken farm and started laying eggs with them, no joke (that one wasn’t a nightmare it was just really weird)

i swear im not afraid of kurt cobain i have no idea why that kept happening but it lasted for like a month